Water efficient features in green buildings

Water depletion is a burning issue all over the world, with major cities facing the crisis especially during the peak season of summers. Water is not a limitless resource and this has compelled concerned authorities to come up with sustainable solutions to avoid water scarcity. Thus more and more deluxe apartments and chain of luxury gated communities are constructed in compliance with the green building techniques. Such a housing premise incorporates all the sustainable practices that save water and even safeguard nature against human exploitation. Herein lies the significance of rainwater harvesting in apartments.

To put it simply, green building is a holistic approach to interior and exterior planning of an infrastructure. The design plan and construction technique serves the objective of reducing the burden on natural resources like water. By introducing practices like rainwater harvesting in apartments, water treatment equipments within the complexes, decorative water features like a small lake, pools, fountains, etc., green buildings can effectively prevent a scenario of water depletion. Buildings that include water efficient features improve the level of groundwater in their area and thus they are less likely to run out of water.

The advancement of clean technology has reduced the strain on natural resources and their further application has enabled the possibility of water efficiency and reduced water consumption. Some of the water-efficient features involve techniques like rainwater harvesting in apartments, recycling and reuse of greywater, low-flow fixtures, sensors, etc. Such measures of water efficiency in residential and commercial buildings have greatly reduced water waste, yielded lower sewage volumes, reduced energy use and brought in financial benefits too.

Thus opulent spaces are not the only objective for major real estates these days. For no amount of recreation can bring one any joy when one falls short of the basic need of water. Hyderabad, being a highly populated region with millions of settlers, the problem of water shortage is a common occurrence here too. Hence many families opt for gated communities that involve rainwater harvesting in apartments. The implementation of water efficiency features profits the human civilization while contributing to groundwater conservation. The features of water efficiency in green buildings work with the motive of a) reducing the usage of potable water indoors b) promoting the consumption of water in order to save non-renewable energy resources and c) improving the overall biodiversity of a region by restoring and recharging water bodies.

The premium chain of residential projects by Aparna Constructions is built along similar lines of green building techniques. Projects like Aparna Sarovar Zenith, Aparna One, Aparna Serene Park, Aparna Cyberlife have the following water-efficient features:

  • Domestic water is made available through an exclusive Water Softening Plant (Not RO Plant).
  • A sewage treatment plant of adequate capacity is provided inside the project as per the standards. This treated sewage water is used for the landscaping and flushing purpose. Thus wastewater is also used at optimal levels.
  • Rainwater harvesting in apartments is also undertaken at regular intervals which in turn recharges the groundwater levels as per the norms.
Last updated on July 31, 2019

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