What Can You Do With Voice Control

Voice control refers to a device controlled by the human voice. All you have to do is say the “trigger” word and the device is ready to respond. From music requests to news updates, the latest cricket scores to weather forecasts, all you need to do is ask.


Voice control is a key aspect of smart home technology, especially in luxury homes. Adopting voice control into your home can give you the seamless ability to control your lighting scenes, lower blinds and shutters, adjust your thermostat and even turn on your TV, all of which without you having to lift a finger.


Since Google launched its first voice search app in 2008, Apple and Amazon have made the technology a regular feature within the modern luxury home. Even Facebook is soon releasing their own voice-controlled device for the home. It has been predicted that 50% of all searches will be voice searched by 2020.


The skills set of these devices is advancing every day. Below are some of the more common and widely used functions for voice control.


Take Full Control Of Your Home

Integrate your devices with Voice Control systems for lighting, TV and sound systems. Voice Control can replace your current control interface.


Talk To Your Appliances

From refrigerator to washing machines, appliances are now being designed with future proofing in mind. You can ask your vacuum to start cleaning, your microwave to start cooking and your washing machine to start washing.


Have Your Own In-house DJ

Voice control can link with all major streaming services giving you instant access to millions of songs.


Get Access To Any Information

Just ask your device a question to get access all the information available on the Internet.


Help People With Disabilities

Voice control can assist with locking and opening doors, controlling lighting, shopping and home deliveries. With the correct programming, Voice Control can provide assistance for people with disabilities.


Be Your Own Personal Assistant

Voice control can help you create reminders, make shopping lists, set alarms and check traffic and weather just like a good personal assistant would do.


What Are The Limitations Of Voice Control?

Voice Control devices do have certain limitations such as understanding tone, regional dialect and conversational language. With artificial intelligence, the device should learn to resolve these issues over time.

Last updated on April 7, 2019

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