What Makes Summer Evenings Twice as Fun at Aparna?

Summer days can be hot and frustrating in India but the evenings bring a different aura to the season altogether. The air is cooler and it’s easier to get out of the house to perform activities like taking a walk with friends, playing sports, or just hanging out at a clubhouse.

However, what if you did not have the space to perform all these activities? Also, what if there was nothing to do nearby? Your summer evenings would just be like any other boring day maybe spent under an air-conditioned room, watching TV. Yet, it does not have to be this way. Especially not if you find a place to live where all amenities are accessible to you. Imagine all the fun that you could have doing various activities, all within a short distance.

Aparna Constructions understands the lifestyle of people today. That is why they are pioneers in real-estate innovation, building homes to match global standards and environmental responsibilities. Aparna offers the best management services and amenities that everyone can enjoy and actually double the fun of your summer evenings. Here are some fun activities that Aparna offers its residents.

  1. Temperature Controlled Indoor Swimming Pools: These pools are the best way to beat the exhaustion of summer or the chill of winters. Unlike other residencies that own an open pool, the indoor pool is more comfortable for adults and children alike.
  2. Jogging Track: If you love to jog or even just take a walk in the evenings, Aparna has it covered for you. Aparna offers an enriching and traffic-free pathway for the fitness conscious or environment loving crowd so that there are no interruptions to stop you from enjoying your surroundings.
  3. Meditation Center: Aparna believes that mental fitness is as important as physical fitness and hence has created a space for residents to meditate in peace. Whether it’s during the early morning hours or evenings, you can have a peaceful time.
  4. Library with Reading Lounge: Sometimes all that we want to do after a stressful and warm summer day is destress and unwind. Aparna’s library is open for all residents to sit and enjoy a story or two during summer evenings. It’s like being in a clubhouse of your own.
  5. Amphitheatre: Enjoy a movie with your family or friends in Aparna’s air-conditioned amphitheatre without having to travel through traffic to get to a mall. You can book the latest movie going on and not even have to rush because it’s screening just near your home.
  6. Indoor and outdoor Sports Facilities: Be it outdoor sports like badminton, cricket, and football or indoor sports like table tennis, apartments in Aparna have it all. Why stop at having a little fun when you can choose from many options?

Aparna is one of the best names in real-estate and their explicit infrastructure says it all. There are never going to be any boring evenings if you live here and that is a guarantee.

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Last updated on May 6, 2019

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