Why High-Rise Gated Communities Are Preferred Over Independent Houses in Hyderabad

Hyderabad’s position as a hub for leading IT/ITeS companies has had a direct impact on the city’s immense real estate growth. As companies set up their offices in Hyderabad, this creates an enormous job market and an equally enormous requirement for residential areas. The city has emerged as one of the best performing residential real estate destinations in India, with high-rise gated communities being a popular option for residents.


While independent houses have an established status of luxury living in Hyderabad, high-rise gated communities have been rapidly gaining interest from homebuyers and investors alike. The past decade has seen numerous gated community projects being undertaken in the city. This has further strengthened the market, especially with the focus on high-end and mid-range projects.


The majority of homebuyers in Hyderabad are families, so the preferred configuration is 2BHK and 3BHK apartments, with 2BHK being the most in-demand. High-rise gated communities can easily meet this housing demand whereas independent houses would have to be spread far across the city.


Living in a high-rise apartment gated community has many advantages over independent houses including strategic location, security, amenities and neighbourly appeal – all while being surrounded by lush and green environs.


Gated communities are usually situated at strategic locations close to the city’s business and entertainment centres. As executives prefer proximity to the workplace, the need for daily commuting has resulted in the improvement of connectivity throughout Hyderabad. This ensures minimal commuting time and accessibility to shopping complexes, schools, and hospitals. Living in a well-connected locality surrounded by greenery while being away from the bustle of the city makes gated communities appealing to both executives and their families.


Parents with young children prefer living in high-rise gated communities because they are more safe and secure than independent houses. Only approved residents and guests are allowed inside due to restricted access entry with 24-hour security and surveillance. A gated community also reduces traffic as well as the number of speeding vehicles. This promotes a safer place for children to play outdoors or for families to take an evening stroll.


Many high-rise gated communities offer amenities that are designed to provide an improved lifestyle for residents. Reputable builders make sure to invest in modern luxury facilities including clubhouses, fitness centres, swimming pools, spas, playgrounds and sports facilities. Many luxury high-rise gated communities are integrating smart automation systems for added convenience and comfort.


Gated communities are also encouraging environmental responsibility by utilising eco-friendly materials and integrating natural sources of energy into the architectural design such as rainwater harvesting, waste management and solar power. This improves indoor air quality, promotes conservation of natural resources and enhances the overall health of residents.


One of the main reasons people prefer to live in a gated community is because there is a strong sense of community among residents. While adults gather for social events, the children can play together. Gated community living promises a unique lifestyle that balances privacy, connectivity and social interaction that independent houses cannot match.

Last updated on July 26, 2021

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