Why should you consider long distance real estate investment?

All of us want a future with a stable amount of savings and a stress-free life after retirement. But often, we tend to keep those essential decisions for discussion at a much later stage, which causes a significant amount of agitation.

It is high time to commence the process of going through investment options that will reap optimum benefits for you and the generations to come. It is now time to introduce long-distance real estate investing as the optimal option for basing a tranquil future.


The Upper Hand of Real Estate Investment

Real estate property prices in India picked up the pace in 2016, the second-best year so far after the historic highs of 2007, despite political and economic headwinds around the world.

Unlike gold or other valuables, real estate does not depend on a market value that fluctuates so drastically. After doing a close analysis of the market and neighborhood, the growth of real estate investment will be significantly higher than investing in schemes like mutual funds or bank fixed deposits.

The next factor to consider is the constant cash-flow of tenants with proper documentation and legalization. Trusted property management teams can be assigned for the maintenance of the property, as requested.


Is Long-Distance Investment Worth It?

The best relationships among people that live apart from each other are built and maintained based on trust and honesty. And Aparna Constructions is no different!

Aparna Constructions has built its foundation based on the trust of over 16,000 happy families living overseas with investments all over southern India. These families have enjoyed a tremendous property appreciation over just a few years.

Smarter investments that offer the best returns let investors focus on growing a passive income stream. Tenants always look forward to avoiding dealing with agents and middlemen for flats on lease. The transaction is exponentially smoother if the owners and the tenants stay in touch directly.

The following are the parameters are a must for consideration while investing in a long-distance real estate:

  • Analyzing the population growth in the surrounding areas
  • Checking the educational institutions around the area
  • Having a growing workforce
  • Having low crime rates


Financial Analysis of the Property

The financial analysis of the property is done by a well-skilled in-house team of Aparna Constructions that assist the customer from scratch. The team will assist in the house loan approval procedure after the scrutiny of the submitted documents and pre-requisites.

The team will analyze the following key financial metrics:

  • Cap rate
  • Gross yield
  • Net cash flow
  • Cash on cash returns
  • IRR (Internal Rate of Return)
  • ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Total return

These metrics will determine the potential financial performance of the property depending upon the type of lease the owner would like to trigger and the occupancy rate(s) of the properties.


Taking the Right Call

If you’re keen on long-distance real estate investing, Aparna Constructions is the right move to stabilize the future and establish a well-constructed cash flow mainspring. The 24 years of experience speaks volumes about the intelligent planning and innovation that the real estate company brings to the table.


To find out more about the projects on sale and to witness upcoming projects, visit the official website of Aparna Constructions.

Last updated on December 7, 2020

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