Winter is here: Tips to keep your home warm and cozy during the cold days

It’s really cold outside, but who wouldn’t want to walk into a home that’s warm and cozy. While you can’t really control the temperatures, you can certainly use some tricks to turn your home from frosty to toasty. Here’s a look at some of the tips to keep you from freezing inside your home; we know how to keep your room warm:


Keep an eye on drafts

The smallest draft in your house can make you feel cold, when the temperatures are plummeting outside. These are generally spaces underneath doors or close to windows, if you know what we mean. You can simply cover these spaces with a towel or blanket to keep your house warm. Besides, it’s not even a bad idea to tape the edges of the window pane to prevent cold air from entering your house. This is how you can keep your room and house warm this winter!


Shift furniture away from radiators

This might not sound like a great option but believe us it is! If you place your sofa right in front of a radiator, it doesn’t really retain heat in an efficient way. Keep the radiators free of obstructions, so that it warms your room efficiently. If you place the radiator below a window, make sure the curtains are out of the way. Keeping your room warm this winter is now extremely easy!


Close the curtains

While most people think even that little dose of sunshine helps, it does, but only during the day. Once the sun goes down, it’s best to close the curtains, so that heat does not get lost. If the curtains are thin, put a blanket over the curtain rail to improve insulation. Now, you know how to keep your room warm this winter!


Close doors to rooms you’re not using

Close the doors of the rooms you aren’t using to create a pocket of heat in that room, so that warm air stays there when you enter that space. Sometimes, a certain room is colder than the other for this reason. This is why closing doors is a great option to keep your home warm and cozy this winter, and it’s not too difficult too! Another great way to keep your home warm this winter!


Put a rug down

Tiled floors and uninsulated floors can add to the cold, but they can also directly make you cold when you walk on them. To not face this problem,, lay a rug over the entire area, so that it can act as a heat trap. Of course, it doesn’t even look that bad! It’s as easy as this to keep your room warm this winter!

Make sure you follow these tips this winter and make your home warm and comfortable!

Last updated on December 27, 2018

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