Work-life balance: Does living close to workplace help reduce stress?

With city spaces and population growing multi-fold, commuting becomes a huge hassle. Spending most of your time in traffic snarls is a sheer waste of your productive man hours. Since this is a significant issue, most employees today try and look for residences close to their workplace. This has also given rise to walk-to-work culture in metropolitan cities. Eventually, this means less exposure to traffic congestion, overcrowded transport and of course, lower stress levels.


Let’s take a look at the advantages of living close to work:


It’s eco-friendly

If you stay closer to your workplace, you won’t spend too much time on the road. If your office is within close proximity, you can easily walk and cut down on using public transport. This considerably reduces your commute time, and also carbon footprint. That means less environmental pollution; as they say, every drop makes an ocean!



If you live close to your workplace, you save up a lot on your transportation expenses – be it public transport or if you own a personal vehicle. This means no fuel costs, parking costs or even vehicle maintenance. You can utilise that money elsewhere and believe us, it’s a huge saving!


Saves time

This is a no-brainer, but a big factor that contributes to work-life balance and lower stress levels. If your workplace is away from your home, you spend some precious hours of your life on the road. In metropolitan cities, it is common to get stuck for two hours on an average during peak hours. Imagine wasting 4 hours every day, which multiplies to roughly 80 hours a month. Time is money, we all know! Time to save now!


Health benefits

If you stay closer, you can squeeze in some time for exercise, either after work or during work hours. You can walk or cycle to work, if that’s feasible or you could opt for some physical activity like yoga or Zumba after you are done for the day. In a nutshell, you can invest time on activities that are important for you. This will help you maintain your health and lifestyle, since even a few minutes of exercise is more beneficial than a sedentary life.



This is another huge factor for most people to move closer to their offices. Firstly, you get more snooze time and can reach office easily without planning your transport for the day. In case there’s an emergency, you can always rush home. For some, it is also possible to grab lunch at home; better than consuming those unhealthy sandwiches at work!


These are some of the biggest advantages of moving closer to your workplace. Aparna has multiple projects which are strategically located, close to the IT Hub and Financial district. Have a look, weigh the pros and cons, and move towards a stress-free and productive life.

Last updated on October 9, 2018

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