2 & 3 BHK apartments in Kondapur that are perfect for nuclear families

There was a time when living in a large joint family was a cultural thing. It was a trend in our society where many people lived in the same house with their extended families. With the expansion of urbanization, nuclear families have emerged in huge numbers and changed the way a family buys a home. In this age of globalisation, a large number of aspiring population is shifting base with their nuclear family and are finding themselves a new home. Doesn’t matter where you go, the freedom and security that a self-owned house provides is unmatchable. The decision to buy a property is not easy. One needs to take several socio-cultural and economic processes into account. Environment, security, utilisation of space, distance from the workplace, and the possibility to upgrade are few of them. If you are looking for a house for your nuclear family, your search ends with these apartments in Kondapur. The 2 & 3 BHK apartments in Kondapur by Aparna Constructions are customised keeping in mind the requirements of a nuclear family and also the nature of your job.

  1. Open space where your child can play freely: You will cherish the day when your child rides off on the pedal. Passing on the joy of learning a new sport and enjoying parenthood at the same time is a joyous moment. The apartments in Kondapur offer ample open space for you and your child to bond.

  1. A great degree of personalisation: In a nuclear family, every member should have unbiased importance. Whether it’s a play corner for your little ones, a room for your me-time or a guest space for your invitees. The apartments in Kondapur take care of everything with spacious and innovative designs. Every single acre is planned to make everyone fit with equal ease and comfort.


  1. Choose a home that’s closer to the office – Most of the apartments in Kondapur are 5 km away from the Hitech City and the IT hub. Staying close to your office has many perks. You don’t have to rush or wake up earlier than you should. Take your time to get ready and have your full breakfast in peace and yet you won’t be late for the meeting. Reach the office on time and come home early and spend some quality time with your family.


  1. Security: Being in a nuclear family and having a corporate job means you need to leave home early and return late, leaving your children behind. You won’t have peace of mind if you don’t have a tight security protocol in your society. No worries! The apartments in Kondapur come with a modern security package. The flats are equipped with high-tech CCTV cameras and highly trained security personnel to keep a close eye on who goes in and who goes out.

A house that is customised keeping your family structure and job essence in mind is rare. The apartments in Kondapur give you a chance to lead a perfect and balanced life. The matchless facilities and amenities are nestled in these apartments only to offer you a priceless experience of living.

Last updated on October 11, 2019

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