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3 Best home office setup ideas for productivity

Stop working from your bed, the couch, the dining table, or the kitchen counter. If you are working from an uncomfortable and undesirable setup, this is neither fruitful nor enjoyable. When working from the office, you are free from distractions, and that atmosphere drives better productivity.

But if your home is also your workplace, it must possess the qualities that help you stay motivated and refreshed throughout the day. For this, you will need the best home office setup for productivity.

Here are three simple ways in which you can set up your work-station and become a productivity master.


Your Cozy Corner 

If there is one thing that makes work-from-home a tedious task, it’s the lack of privacy or personal space. If you are looking to make your work-station productive, it has to be slightly detached from the rest of your home. Make a conscious choice to turn your back to your house, literally.

Place a comfortable desk and chair in the corner of your house. Ensure you are seated upright and have only work-related-articles within arm’s reach. Let this place be away from your television, kitchen, or other distracting elements of the house.

You can also use curtains or room-dividers to segregate a temporary work-section for the duration of your work. Decorate the wall in front of you with colorful posters and push-pin boards that fuel work, not distract you from it.


The Open View 

If working against a wall could feel cubical-like and claustrophobic, consider mounting your desk in front of a window. This setup will enable better natural-light, air circulation, and an open field-of-view.

If you live in an apartment like Aparna Sarovar Zenith, a view of the neighboring Nallagandla lake from your window can reduce the stress of work – while still keeping you away from the house’s distractions.

If you find yourself distracted by the view, simply draw the blinds and open them again when you obtain your focus. A simple hack is to not position your desk directly in front of the window. You can retain the openness of the window without constantly looking outside.


The Study Room

A dedicated room for work is the best home office setup for productivity. In contrast to a simple desk setup, a study room will trick your mind into being more motivated to finish your daily tasks. Many 3 and 4BHK apartments, such as Aparna Luxor Park in Kondapur, come with the extra space that you can transform into a study or a home office.

If you don’t have a room just for work-from-home, you can use curtains or fiberglass windows and door frames to create a room within a room. This isolation also gives you the luxury to keep your professional activities very separate from home-chores.

Add accessories that help you work better like pen-stands, note-pads, a whiteboard, a to-do-list, and much more. You could also incorporate small plants for a welcoming atmosphere.


Final Thoughts

As we inch towards a world where working from home will be the new normal, we must ensure our homes are conducive to productivity. If you are looking to invest in a new-gen home, this is the right time for it.

For instance, homes by Aparna Constructions in Hyderabad keep the modern homebuyers in mind. They have luxurious homes fully loaded with amenities that will guarantee quality living and a productive lifestyle.

The renowned builders have designed homes to provide privacy and tranquillity for a fruitful work-day and the benefits of a quality living. If you are looking to set up the ideal work-from-home atmosphere, the perfect home is a significant first step.

Last updated on March 15, 2021

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