Checkout these 5 Apartment Safety Tips for Top-notch Security

5 Apartment Safety Tips for Top-notch Security

Moving into a new apartment is always fun and exciting. But, in all that excitement, some homebuyers or tenants overlook the safety features of the apartment. Before you sign the dotted line, it is important to make sure the house you are moving into is capable of keeping you safe and secure.

Here are some helpful apartment safety tips to look out for before you seal the deal.

Lock Your Front Door
As obvious as this may sound, you must check all the doors and windows before you hit the bed. If you have a sliding glass door, it’s recommended to use a security bar to make it difficult for any intruder to break into your home. The window locks should be sturdy and in good condition too.

Cover Your Windows
Everyone loves floor to ceiling glass windows. But, remember, they give an equally clear view inside your home to a possible stalker looking to commit a crime. Large open windows would make it easier for them to take note of all the valuables in your room. Don’t make yourself an easy target and make sure you cover your windows with a blind.

Ensure the Parking Lot has CCTV
All apartment complexes have a designated parking area for their residents. Most break-ins and vehicle thefts happen due to inadequate security in the parking lot. Make sure the area is well-lit at all times. We suggest taking a tour and checking for security cameras at the entrances and exits.

Watch the Entrance and Exit Points of Common Areas
Most gated community projects have all the amenities such as storage rooms, laundry rooms, workout areas and amphitheatres that are accessible only to the residents. Before you finalize your deal, take a tour and inspect the entry and exit points of these common areas. Make sure entry is allowed only with a key or a card and no stranger can get inside.

Install Smoke Detectors
There’s every chance your apartment may already have smoke detectors installed inside or on each floor. Make sure you check and change their batteries once a year. Test each smoke detector once a month so you can be sure they are working fine. If they are placed at the common corridor area, you must ask the emergency management to check regularly.

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Last updated on February 26, 2022

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