Amaravati Real Estate: The current scenario

Amaravati, the capital of Andhra Pradesh, is touted to be one of the most future-ready cities of India. This city is being built on a 217 sq km riverfront, panning across 29 existing villages. It is also superbly planned and immaculately designed, and is predicted to have 51% of green spaces and 10% of water bodies, thus achieving the perfect ecosystem balance. The plans for the city have been developed by renowned Singapore experts along with other international veterans and architects, who have given it a world-class flavour.


The Amaravati real estate market has flourished over the past few years, since its foundation was laid in 2015. A number of factors are driving this growth. Firstly, countries such as Singapore, Japan, Britain and China have taken up a keen interest in nurturing the local infrastructure. A lot of infrastructure development has already been completed. Secondly, the local authorities have been committed to the Amaravati cause. The new wide roads to the legislative assembly as well as the administrative complex are evidence of the same. Thirdly, leading banks and IT companies, as well as reputed public and private institutions, are all planning headquarters and large campuses in the city. Not only has this bolstered local investment sentiments, but has also laid the basis for innumerable employment opportunities in the future. All in all, Amaravati is set to succeed and so is the Amaravati real estate sector.


Admittedly, with the announcement of large projects in Amravati, real estate prices here soared due to the initial hype generated to grab pristine land in the city. Builders and homeowners flocked to the city and there was a massive rush to buy real estate in this coveted city. However, the good news is that market conditions have now stabilized over the past year in Amaravati real estate space. Moreover, a lot of the plans are now being implemented and dreams are now coming to fruition. If you are looking to buy a home in one of India’s future-ready cities, this is absolutely the perfect time to buy a house in Amaravati.


One such Amaravati real estate property that boasts of luxurious comfort, best-in-class facilities as well as tranquillity is Aparna Amaravati One. This gated community, spread over 9+ acres, is home to 612 apartments with 3 BHK and 4 BHK configurations. The size of the apartments in this residential project ranges from 1562 sq ft to 2050 sq ft.


Tastefully designed interiors and well-landscaped exteriors enhance its elegance. These apartments are located in Tadepalli in close proximity to the Amaravati Capital Road. Access to NH-16 Highway makes this a strategic location, as it is surrounded by huge vacant lands for the future growth corridor.


Furthermore, the apartments are designed over 8 blocks, with each block having 10 floors. Elegance and comfort are core to this project along with its focus on security. The clubhouse is designed to cater to all your needs from a supermarket to ATM to spa, yoga room and library. The elegantly designed swimming pool along with badminton, squash courts and a number of indoor games rooms will delight you and your family. Presence of a cricket pitch, tennis court, basketball court and skating rink and an amphitheatre make it the perfect place to build a community in this well-planned city.


The city of Amaravati symbolizes the bright future awaiting our country, and investing in any Amaravati real estate project is definitely a sound idea.

Last updated on September 4, 2019

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