Best schools near Manyata Tech Park that will give your kids a head start

Believe it or not, every school isn’t capable of giving the perfect head start to your child in a way that could shape his or her future for the best. While Bangalore is one city that’s known for its academic lining, we would strictly restrict our discussion to the Manyata Tech Park and schools near this region; precisely keeping the fact in mind that a majority of individuals are settling there for work and mostly with their families.

So here is an extensive list of the best schools near Manyata Tech Park that need to be recognized and put forth as the most credible academic solutions for the concerned children.


Kingston High School

Probably the most balanced academic institution in the given area, Kingston High School is certainly the most-sought after choice, when it comes to gauging the global sentiments. Most importantly, the curriculum is air tight and the infrastructure is certainly worth investing. However, that’s not it as we would specifically recommend this school for the exceptional parental engagement module in place.


Dhee Global School

Here is a school that emphasizes on providing the best set of amenities to the children besides featuring an international outlook. However, what makes this a more than decent academic institution is its reliance on overall creative development of the wards and obviously, convenient accessibility.


Jain Heritage

Besides being an esteemed member of the reputed JGI group, this institution never falls back on the quality of education that’s provided to the children. Most importantly, Jain Heritage is a renowned name across the country and excels in diverse aspects, including creative development and more.


The International School

Here is one school that delivers international education to the T. While the infrastructure is surely second to none, this school clearly focuses on the overall development of the child. The one thing that sets it apart however, is the institution’s reliance on the aspect of critical thinking and emotional accountability.


V.N. English High

Firstly, this school is probably the nearest from the focal point of this discussion. Secondly, the premise is strategically selected as the maddening crowd of the city has been kept at a fair distance. Most importantly, all the major amenities are taken care of and this school even boasts of extremely equipped libraries, auditorium, and extremely spacious classrooms.


Goodwill School

Started as an extension to the philanthropic Goodwill Trust, this institution has slowly but steadily made its mark in the city’s academic listings. Apart from having all the existing amenities for the holistic development of the students, the way it goes about the teaching process is certainly something to vouch for.


In the aforementioned sections, we enlisted some of the best schools near Manyata Tech Park that would help build a strong foundation for your kids while concentrating on the all-round development of their academic, creative, emotional, and critical thinking skills. Weigh all the options and choose the one that best suits the needs of you and your child.

Last updated on October 11, 2019

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