Bengaluru has been renowned as the Garden City for ages and despite its fast-growing status, the city still lives up to its name. Different parts of Bengaluru highlight a different aspect of this elegant city and North Bengaluru definitely showcases […]

The IT firms of Bangalore employ a solid percentage of the aspiring population of India. Moreover, the city has also seen the rise of startup culture in the past 15 years, paving the way for innovative and successful entrepreneurs. As […]

The trade of real estate is a flourishing affair in Bangalore. With premier IT companies establishing and expanding their ground in Bangalore, the city is becoming a hotbed of lucrative opportunities. Naturally many bachelors seek apartments, and families look for […]

With a healthy commercial climate fuelled by the IT-ITeS sector combined with robust physical and social infrastructure and supportive government policies, Bangalore is a promising city in terms of real estate investments. With the rapid expansion of the city, a […]

Bangalore has consistently been one of the strongest real estate markets among Indian cities in the recent past. The future of real estate in Bangalore looks equally promising. Growth factors The real estate market in Bangalore is more resilient than […]

With the emergence and wide expansion of the IT sector, Bangalore has seen a lot of migration from around the country. In the past decade, the city has grown by leaps and bounds, in terms of technological advancement, transport, and […]

Water depletion is a burning issue all over the world, with major cities facing the crisis especially during the peak season of summers. Water is not a limitless resource and this has compelled concerned authorities to come up with sustainable […]

Rainwater harvesting system is one of the most efficient and practical solutions for new-age apartments to obviate the harrowing experience of the water crisis. This technique of water conservation can effectively address the pains of urban populace without putting a […]

Amaravati as the capital city of Andhra Pradesh was chosen with the vision of making it a futuristic capital city. With professionals from Singapore and Japan lending their expertise, the Amaravati project will set new benchmarks in urban planning. The […]

Proper site and facility management mean developing, delivering and monitoring the project from its initial occupation to the continued maintenance of the project. The best builders work to uphold, protect and safeguard the interests of the residents and the infrastructure. […]

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