Luxury Apartments: 4 things that make them a class apart
Are luxury apartments worth the investment? This is the foremost question in every home owner’s mind, and the answer is a resounding yes! With a plethora of choices available in the real estate market, homeowners today are often confused about what differentiates a luxury apartment from the affordable and mid-range segment of homes.
 A luxury apartment not only provides you with a home and a comfortable lifestyle but also ensures you access to an exceptional community with superior amenities and the guarantee of safety. Luxury apartments provide lavish spaces for living, comfort and recreation. Sprawling over acres of large, spacious and even palatial unit sizes (which are often categorized as 1800 sq ft and above), luxury apartments often encompass 3-4BHK units and beyond. Ample space for the living room, structured modular kitchen and dining areas, and capacious bedrooms for you and your family are hallmarks of luxury apartments.
 Here are four things that make Luxury Apartments a class apart:
  1. Strategic and Elite Locations: Whether you want proximity to schools or offices, luxury apartments are often constructed in well-connected and easily accessible areas that have good infrastructure. Not only are they located in upscale and posh areas of the city, but also luxury apartments give you the option of having a great view of the park, skyline or the city.
  2. World-class Facilities and Amenities: From a well-equipped gym to a good-sized swimming pool, indoor and outdoor games, and even designated areas for skating, meditation and yoga, luxury apartments have amenities that are attractive to the entire family. There is easy availability of cooks and maids, car cleaners, laundry and other ancillary services. In addition to the home units being designed tastefully, the exteriors and landscapes are strategically created and well-maintained too. Homeowners also have plenty of dedicated parking spaces. In addition, there is also easy accessibility to restaurants, cafes, grocery stores and pet care services within the apartment complex.
  3. Security and Safety: Starting from dedicated security guards who man the grounds, the gateways and the lobbies to security cameras and surveillance equipment that monitor the premises 24/7, luxury apartments are committed to ensuring the safety of homeowners. Usually, these apartments are also located in a gated community, which monitors the entry and exit of all non-residents.
  4. Sustainable and Green Living: Surrounded by greenery and excellent landscaping, luxury apartments bring a piece of nature home to you. The spacious balconies ensure fresh air and sunlight, which make living in the heart of the city easier. Luxury apartments are also conceptualized to ensure sustainable living. From construction to architecture and maintenance, great attention is paid towards reducing their carbon footprint. For the environmentally-conscious, there are often charging stations available for hybrid and electric vehicles. Recycling services are readily available at your doorstep, thus ensuring that you contribute to making this a sustainable world.
Luxury apartments are no longer only for the uber-rich and the ultra-famous. An investment in a luxury apartment developed by a credible brand ensures exclusivity and a promise of comfort and quality.
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Last updated on May 6, 2019

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