Things to do to have quality family time in the comfort of your home

With fast lifestyle and increasing reliance on social media, we somehow tend to forget the importance of spending time with family. Hectic schedules from Monday morning, to Friday takes us away from our family. Time slips by as we constantly juggle responsibilities. Be it work, running a household, appointments and commitments. But, no one can take the sense of belonging one feels as they start spending time with family.


Some families acknowledge this gap and try to solve this problem by organizing big family holidays together. However, though a vacation together can stitch back your relationships, yet daily habits can make a bigger impact to your family relationships. But before jumping in to look how to spend quality time with your family, let’s look at what is meant by ‘quality time’.


What does ‘quality time’ mean?

Quality time is an expression that we hear often but it is hard to quantify it. Every family differs and so is their way of spending time with family. Whatever it might mean to you, finding time and prioritizing your relationships over everything can help you have a better life.


Let’s take a look at the things to do while spending time with family:


  1. Have a meal together

If you can’t make cooking together a habit, having a meal together can also be a great way to spend time with family. Eating a meal together, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner will allow you to interact as a family and build the daily conversation which can help bring the family together.


  1. After Dinner Walks

Walks are also a great way to build relationships, dialogue or even a learning process for everyone within the family. All the gated communities like the ones built by Aparna constructions have lush greenery with walk paths. During these long walks, talk about anything and everything to educate each other.


  1. Bring Your Child to School or Class

Make it a point to drop your child to school or to any extra classes by yourselves. This can help you to be a step closer to your children and also know their progress. With a busy schedule, most of the parents fail to do that. But, when you live in Aparna gated communities, the best schools are just minutes away from home. So you cut down travel time, but also strengthen the bond with your child.


  1. Exercise Together

A sedentary lifestyle is toxic to our health and so to curb that working out as a family is a win-win situation. Aparna gated communities offer state-of-the-art gymnasium facilities. So, go out exercise your way to build an active lifestyle and also build relationships.


  1. Pick a Book to Read

Reading a book together as a family is also a real good habit as it inculcates the habit of reading and helps to expand knowledge and creativity. It builds character and helps you to help your child grow and vice versa. The lush green expanses, gives you the choice to get out of your home and read in the lap of nature.


Along with all these, you can plan a vacation and Sunday outings to not miss out on each other’s life and gradually instill the value of family.


Last updated on April 7, 2019

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