Why Gated Community Living is at an all-time high in 2020

Why Gated Community Living is at an all-time high in 2020

Homebuyers in 2020 are increasingly looking beyond the house itself and are looking for spaces that provide a holistic lifestyle away from crowds and pollution. Gated communities are becoming the preferred living option in India because they provide an integrated solution to a number of urbanization challenges. They offer residents in crowded metros the option of living in a highly organized real estate development which provides a wholesome mix of housing with modern amenities, green open spaces and connectivity to commercial centres. Gated communities can remain unaffected regardless of how rampant urbanization impacts the rest of the city.


Gated communities combine value-for-money, convenience, and eco-friendliness. Living in a gated community has many advantages including strategic location, security, amenities, maintenance and neighbourly appeal – all while being surrounded by lush and green environs. 


Here are a few reasons why gated community living is at an all-time high in 2020.


Amenities & Lifestyle


Many gated communities offer amenities that are designed to provide an improved lifestyle for residents. Reputable developers make sure to invest in modern luxury facilities including club houses, fitness centres, swimming pools, spas, playgrounds and sports facilities. They are even integrating smart automation systems for added convenience and comfort. 


Strategic Location


Gated communities are usually situated at strategic locations close to the city’s business and entertainment centres. This ensures minimal commuting time and accessibility to shopping complexes, schools, and hospitals. As more people are attracted by growing job opportunities in metros, demand for housing has increased exponentially. High-rise gated communities provide an effective way to manage this population surge. Living in a well-connected locality surrounded by greenery makes gated communities an appealing option. 


Sustainable Living


There is a growing trend among homebuyers towards energy-efficient and sustainable homes. They are aware that homes with reduced water and energy consumption, enhanced air quality, use of natural lighting, and decreased CO2 emissions have a significant impact on the health of themselves and their families. These green amenities including solar panels, rainwater harvesting, waste management and high-efficiency lighting are more cost-effective in gated communities.


Smart City Integration


Gated communities also complement the growth of smart cities, which are the future of India’s urban planning initiatives. Innovative approaches to housing, transportation and utilities will have to be implemented in order to make everyday activity and behaviour more convenient. 


Community Spirit


One of the most important reasons why people prefer to live in a gated community is because there is a strong sense of community spirit among residents. While adults gather for social events, the children can play together. Gated community living promises a unique lifestyle which balances privacy, connectivity and luxury that independent buildings cannot match.

Last updated on January 13, 2021

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