When Vastu elements are positioned incorrectly in a dwelling, a condition known as vaastu dosha results. One of the issues that people encounter in their houses the most frequently is vaastu dosha. This can lead to a great deal of […]

According to the traditional Indian practice of Vaastu, keeping house plants at home has several advantages. Some plants even offer unique advantages, such as success, balance, tranquillity, and many more, while others can clean the air and bring positivity into […]

Vaastu has grown to be an important factor in the real estate market when determining the purchases of residential projects. There is a fervent conviction that by adhering to the Vaastu Shastra guidelines for a home in harmony with global […]

Vaastu Tips

It is easy to survive a mediocre existence, but living a happier and healthier life is what every individual strives for. Vaastu is highly recommended for a better standard of living. Vaastu Shastra is a proven and well-observed science which […]

Vaastu compliant

In real terms, a home is a living being and a symbol of those who live within this abode. It is our own little universe embodying the same forces that compose the vast universe. Did you know that homes built as […]

Science behind vaastu

If you wish to own or live in a house that resonates perfection in aesthetics, then Vaastu has a subtle way of bringing harmony and also channelizing the energies. Vaastu is definitely not mandatory but is highly suggested for a […]

colors as per vaastu

One of the many ways to work with colour in a Vaastu home is by choosing colours that honour the direction and the element associated with each it.   Colours of Earth The earth element is predominant in the south-west. […]

Vaastu and The Five Elements

The principles of Vaastu, connect the individual home with the subtle laws of nature, such as energy grid of the earth, beneficial earth energies, and cosmic energies from the sun.   They also align the home with the five elements […]

homes in hyderabad

This science is complete in itself. Happiness to the whole world it can bring All the four benefits it bestows on you Rightful living, money, fulfilment of desires and bliss Are all available in this world itself ~ Viswakarma  Vaastu Shastra […]

vaastu home

If you follow all the rules but neglect creating beautiful interiors, your dream home will never be fully Vaastu compliant. Try and imitate natural and divine creations while beautifying your own spaces. Adorn your home with beauty that will nourish […]

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